Kids Classes

 Let your children play!

What makes capoeira great for your kids?

Capoeira is the perfect physical activity for children. It is a great fun and stimulating way to help kids develop balance, flexibility, co-ordination, a sense of rhythm. It also teaches children to develop a sense of self-expression and creativity through movement, strategy and music.

Learning capoeira means engaging with all aspects of the art which include the physical game of capoeira as well as the musical and lingual aspects. Music is an absolutely essential in Capoeira. This means children are able to engage in song and learn musical instruments while simultaneously being exposed to another language and culture.

The dynamism of capoeira makes it a unique and well-rounded martial art, yet it is so much more than that. The physical aspect of capoeira is high-energy and fast-paced, which is perfect for keeping kids stimulated and engaged, while developing an awareness and control of their bodies. As children become more familiar with the movement and game of Capoeira, they will also begin to develop a sense of strategy and quick reflexes. Capoeira requires strategy much like a game of chess except it involves a whole lot more fun and laughter.

More than all of these aspects, the greatest benefit of Capoeira is the building of self-esteem and friendship in a joyful, safe and active environment. Once the children get to a point where they can begin to experiment with all they have learned, self-esteem and confidence really play a big role in helping develop their own style. Capoeira encourages putting personality, individuality and feeling into the game, making it a great tool for self-expression.

Our very own, Mestre Espirrinho, who started capoeira at the age of 8, was an incredibly shy child. Training capoeira helped him develop his confidence and sense of self, and now he helps others do the same.

With laughter, enjoyment and positivity, capoeira can help unlock their individual potential in and outside of class.

Please contact the Academy before the first training session to confirm fees and availability.


Tuesdays: 3pm- 4pm
(From 6 years old)

True Krav Maga Studio

Address: 47 De Villiers Street, Buying Services Building, Zonnebloem, Cape Town


Mondays: 2:30pm – 3:15pm
(From 5 years old)

3:15pm – 4:15pm
(From 8 years old)

Methodist Church Hall, cnr Milton Road and Wesley Street, Observatory, Cape Town

These classes will resume again in 2021