Espirrinho & Mordaca

Mestre Espirrinho

In 1989 at age eight, Mestre Espirrinho began Capoeira with Mestre Zuza at his academy in Jardim Icaraí in São Paulo, Brazil. Through his interest in fighting martial arts, his brother referred him to Mestre Zuza’s academy where he trained Capoeira all his childhood and young adulthood. In the year 2000, he was graded Instrutor de Capoeira by Mestre Zuza. Committed to dedicate his life to Capoeira right from the early years, he continued on his journey and on the 15th January 2010, he was graded Contra-Mestre at the Capoeira annual event Capoeirando, by Mestre Suassuna. Immediately after this graduation he moved to South Africa, where he has been working with Capoeira with Professora Mordaça for six years.

Mestre Espirrinho is a great Capoeirista as he is also a singer, musician and percussionist. He is known for his charisma and his contagious energy and attitude.

He has travelled to many countries giving Capoeira workshops, such as Angola, Mozambique France, Russia, USA, Greece, Israel, and England.

In his sixth year of work in South Africa, he was graded Mestre de Capoeira on the 15th January 2016 (same date as his previous grading!) at the Capoeirando annual event in Ilhéus – Bahia (Brazil).

Mestre Espirrinho teaches Capoeira at UCT (University of Cape Town) and he is also teaches Brazilian Rhythms at UCT’s Music School.


Contra-Mestre Mordaça

Camila Barbosa da Silva or Contra-Mestre Mordaça as she is popularly known in Capoeira, was born in São Paulo in 1984. Her interest for Capoeira started in 1998, during the six months that she would take her cousin to Contra-Mestre Chumbinho’s academy (a student of Mestre Zuza) in Grajaú, in southern São Paulo, Brazil. Mordaça was 14 years old

In 2001, Contra-Mestre Chumbinho stopped teaching Capoeira and Mordaça began training at Mestre Zuza’s academy in Bairro 28. In 2006, she began training directly at Mestre Suassuna’s academy, where she had the opportunity to meet many Capoeira mestres and travel throughout Brazil. Through many circumstances and changing jobs, the passion for Capoeira was always strongest and dictated her life paths.

When in 2010, her partner and then Contra-Mestre Espirrinho had the opportunity to come work with Capoeira in South Africa, Contra-Mestre Mordaça joined him in November of the same year.

She was graded Professora de Capoeira on the 11th January 2013 at the Capoeira annual event Capoeirando in Ilhéus, Bahia (Brazil), at the first and only feminine grading event by Mestre Suassuna.

Known for her characteristic and ample caring, sense of responsibility and discipline, Contra-Mestre Mordaça has a contagious joy on any and all around her. In response, she is cared for and greatly respected by her students who see in her not only a Capoeira teacher, but also a “mother”.

Contra-Mestre Mordaça was graded Contra-Mestre de Capoeira on the 12th August 2017 at the Capoeira annual event Dia de Ouro – Especial 50 Anos in São Paulo, SP (Brazil), the event which marked the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Associação de Capoeira Cordão de Ouro.