COVID 19 Protocols

*Students are responsible to wash hands and use Alcohol hand sanitizer gel on entrance/exit and whenever in necessary.

* Students must remove shoes on entrance of studio, if possible try to arrive fully changed for the class.

*Showers won’t be allowed.

*Non class participants must wait outside.

*Gathering at studio entrance must be avoided.

* We ask that students don’t arrive more than 15 minutes before class and do not stay more than 15 minutes after class.

*If you are feeling any COVID-19 Symptom you should not came to the class.

*Students must avoid any unnecessary touching of instruments, equipments or surfaces.

*We advise all the students to bring to class a small towel which you must carry with you at all times and also avoid unnecessary touching of your face and mouth.

*Bring your own water bottle full with water.

*Social distancing of shoud be maintained  at all the times, and students should avoid being face to face during class, the use of masks is recommended

*If you have traveled, or went to the airports please self quarantine at home.