Cordão de Ouro

We are a proud member of the Cordão de Ouro group, based in Cape Town

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In capoeira, music sets the rhythm, the style of play, and the energy of a game.


A series of rolls and acrobatics allows the capoeirista to quickly overcome a takedown or a loss of balance, and to position themselves around the aggressor in order to lay up for an attack.


The "Batizado" (baptism, in English) is a ceremonial roda where new students will get recognized as capoeiristas and earn their first graduation.


Directly from the matriz in São Paulo, Brazil, our contra-mestre can cover all the basis and make of you a great capoeirista

Latest News África Se Uniu 2015 CDO 7 Capoeira Batizado (Workshop and grading) in Cape town from the 18 to the 21 November. Contra Mestre Espirrinho, Professora Mordaça and UCT would like to invite you to Participate in our festival. Especial guest-Mestre Coruja Cordão de Ouro Mangalot SP Brazil. More guests to be confirmed information coming soon.

  • Batizado 2014

    Our latest batizado was in 2014 and we have the most amazing group of guests, starting from our Mestre Suassuna, who shared some of his […]

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ALL ages and levels welcome!